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Parents Borrowing Their Child’s Money

Here’s a helpful hint to all parents: don’t borrow your child’s money it just causes problems. Now if you are one of those parents that borrows the money then immediately pays them back with interest go right ahead. If you aren’t your child will end up resenting you and basically start to think of themselves as unable to spend their money on things they want and need because they need to have the money in their bank accounts for you.

 My parents started borrowing money from me as a teenager, at first I didn’t mind because I didn’t have that many expenses. After awhile I got fed up, especially when they couldn’t get me things that I needed like new shoes (my old ones were tearing up my feet). During that time I wouldn’t eat lunch with the small amount of lunch money they gave me because I needed to save up that money to get me something that they were unable to get for me. Then the borrowing got worse. It was “We’ll pay you back on payday. Next payday. Next month. Soon.” At one point in time when I was 17 my mother owed me $300 for close to a year before I finally got paid back. For several years my parents were really good about paying me back but when 2009 came around the pattern began again. I got back from Europe and Mom forgot the debit card at home (we had already ringed up our groceries), so I swipe mine through even though I didn’t have that much left in my account with the promise that she would pay me back within a week. Well I got about half of it back in two days but a year and two months later I still haven’t been paid back entirely. Then recently my mother asked to borrow fifty dollars from me until dad got his paycheck. I agree, how stupid of me, and a month later I’m still waiting. When I brought it up she said that she would send the check within the week, that was two weeks ago. So like any child fed up as being thought of as their parents’ safety net I started a spread sheet of the money they said they would pay me or borrow from me. As of today the total is over $600. That’s interest free too!

Although it may seem like I’m complaining the fact is parents if you don’t pay back your kids when you say you do you are going to strain your relationship with them. I’m almost to the point where I want to start sending my parents a monthly bill for each month they don’t pay me back my money, and yes I know this will make our relationship worse. The fact is they have two other kids and they don’t borrow money from them, just me. I’m tired of being the safety net and unable to do things thinking that I need to have the money in my account for my bare basic needs and the rest for them. I also thought that the child borrowed money from the parent, not the other way around.

This entire situation sometimes makes me feel like Cinderella, only without the cleaning up after my family, fairy godmother, and Prince Charming. If my parents did the same to my siblings I might not feel this way, but they don’t and I do. The moral is: don’t borrow money from your kids it can create a really bad situation for all parties.

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Oklahoma City Bombing – 15 Years Later

9:01 am April 19, 1995 began like any other day. My elementary school had just started. I was working on the day’s warm up exercises. My sister had just started a spelling test. My mom and brother were in the living room with the TV on. Dad was out-of-town. No one knew what was going to happen that day.

The bombing changed Oklahoma, changed the face of downtown. My school was over 12 miles away and I can still remembering feeling and hearing the entire school shake. I remember looking up at the ceiling, half expecting one of the tiles to fall down. There was a trophy on my desk for it being neat and that fell off. I did not know what was going on until I came home from school that day. I can vaguely remember the teachers being frazzled as they picked us up from recess. Being seven I thought nothing of it. I was just happy to be back in school, well again after months of fighting off various illnesses.

When I got home I saw some of the kids that we played with often, Amy and Kristina. I asked my mom why they were there and what was that on TV. It was the blond-haired woman with a thick trail of blood running down the side of her face. My mom then explained to me that one of the buildings downtown had been blown up. Immediately I knew this was bad but I couldn’t figure out why. My mother later had to explain to me that some people do not like the United States government. Growing up in the heartland I couldn’t comprehend this until I was a bit older. She didn’t tell me that it was in retribution for Waco, I learned that out on my own.

The bombing happened when I was seven but when my family moved to DFW when I was 13 there was no moments of silence there. I found this to be completely rude because we were still holding them in my schools back in OKC. One girl then had the gall to say that it was an attack against Oklahoma not the US. WRONG! But within a year of me having to explain to her that it was an attack against the US September 11th happened.

Everyone was so shocked by this. The assistant principal of my school said that it was the first attack against American on our soil since Pearl Harbor. She being an adult I didn’t holler back OKC! I did remind her of that and it kind of shut her up.  Yes, 9/11 was worse than the OKC Bombing but it is the victims of OKC that have often been looked over.

Victims of 9/11 got some money from the government for their suffering. The people of Oklahoma did not. Any money they received it was from private citizens. Dick Cheney’s company donated money to them, and they never asked or it or for more. Even the parents whose toddlers died on that fateful day. 19 children, around 2 years old died and they are remembered by small marble chairs at the site.

Everyone remembers 9/11 but I think it’s only those who lived and experienced the OKC Bombing and its aftermath that truly remember it. It’s been fifteen years, those children would be graduating high school in May or finishing up their first year of college.

People, we should remember these dates because they shape the United States. Pearl Harbor led us into World War 2 and when we came out of that we were a superpower. 9/11 reminded us that we are not invincible but we won’t stand for such heinous acts of violence. The OKC Bombing should remind us that we suffer from threats on the home front and not just abroad.

If you can read about the survivors of this tragedy, or what the rescue workers went through. Every year on April 19 the images of the bombing run through my mind all day because their pain and suffering should never be forgotten. I can still see a mother holding a framed picture of her two infant boys who died that day. Of the fireman carrying a bloodied child to get him to medical care. The search dogs climbing up the rubble of the Murrah building and I see the smoke of the cars on fire. I can still see the police escorting Timothy McVeigh wearing a bullet proof vest above the orange jumpsuit days after the event.

If you are ever in the Oklahoma City area go by the memorial. The reflecting pool is where a street once was, there are marble and glass chairs for everyone who died that day. The Survivor Tree really is a spectacular sight because it shows the city’s endurance, it survived the blast that could be felt for miles and miles away. Also see the “And Jesus Wept” statue it can move a person to feel for the victims. There’s also a chain link fence where people still put up notes and teddy bears to those lost that day. Don’t forget the day and be grateful you are alive.

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Fair Weather Friends

Is high school ever over? Classes, yes. People, no. You can still find the same attitudes and behaviors in college and beyond. I have officially be ostracized from people I thought were friends. How wrong I was. This all started because I was tired of being left out of group activities and conversation. I have not felt welcomed by a couple of people for two years now. Well things blew up at the end of 2009. So I decided to not talk to the people who were causing this ostracism and I did not want to involve those that were not affected. Well my wishes were not to be had and the other two girls went and told everyone else that I was in the wrong and that my reaction (which wasn’t even mine but someone I was sitting with) was completely out of line.

Being tired of people telling me that I cannot change the subject, my opinions were wrong, and overall just being told to shut up, I decided to sit elsewhere. I would smile at people in passing and say hi, they would not have noticed had I not said anything. Now they won’t even acknowledge me in passing. The few times I got Joyce L to sit with me from time to time she would shoot the other girls the “I’d rather be sitting over there with them” look. Joyce L tonight met my eyes then looked away. When I attempted to smile she gave me a cold unfeeling look and kept walking right past me. I wasn’t even going to ask you to sit with me because the looks are enough to tell me you rather not sit down.

Sounds like we’re a bunch of high schoolers doesn’t it? Well we are all upper undergraduate students. I sit somewhere else because I did not want the tension at the table to upset the others. I did this and have realized that even if I sit somewhere else they will not talk to me briefly face-to-face nor through any electronic device. I am not a puppy that people can abuse and will keep coming back. So may these fair weathered friends one day realize that they lost a person who could have been a good friend because of what others may have said about me. (And they didn’t even have the courage to ask me my side of the story)

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WTF Winter 2010

I attend college in Virginia. The south right? Now correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t the south known for being warm and having mild winters(among a few other less honorable things that don’t bear mentioning). So why am I digging my car out from snow in southwestern Virginia? Someone call Al Gore because I do believe that it is not global warming. I am also born and raised in the Southwest where winter is 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Granted, we would have those random icy days (can’t really call it snow) that would cancel everything, so yeah as a kid I liked it. But having to trudge through knee-high snow to get to the cafeteria, and you can’t drive because the roads are icy or your car is stuck, is not my idea of a good time. If anyone claims that this is all due to global climate change…well duh the climate is constantly changing. I mean the earth has had an ice age, it goes through periods of warming and cooling but recorded history is not nearly long enough to determine if we are not just going through another period of this. I will admit that yes human impact is there, but how much I cannot be certain because hey, I’m not a scientist.

Anyway, snow…it’s everywhere. And of course where they salt it’s sludge and damages cars. Oh yay expensive bodywork. Then where they shovel, more sludge, yay wet feet. Yesterday my apartment mate and I went to lunch and the snow plow for the school was doing this NASCAR (winter edition) would-be speed around the campus. Well we’re on its side of the road. It doesn’t slow down. We run across the street into a knee-deep snow bank (I do not have snow shoes) and the driver is laughing. Oh what a well-aimed ice-snowball could do, but he was long gone by then. Then of course the city has plowed the streets but the sidewalks are not shoveled. Then where we usually cross the street to enter campus…well the snow has piled up to where the students are climbing over waist-high piles in order to press the cross walk button and get across the street.

I will admit that when the snow first falls it is very pretty, almost makes everything seem pristine and in a way virginal. But when it melts it’s disgusting. Of course at night it freezes again, creating the hated black ice, which is why I have not been able to go out and get supplies for the Superbowl, which is afterall a great past time of many families, including my own.

So since the start of the new year, I have been in two fairly decent snow storms (but significant for me since hey I’m not use to them) and we’re expecting another one on Tuesday. Lovely (said with much sarcasm). I guess it would be nice to get a sizeable jump-start on all my course readings. (Watch the ooze that was once my brain puddle around me as I read about subjects I could care less about but they are just filler classes because nothing else seemed interesting).

That’s it for now. There’s no use giving 80 words to snow and attempt to make it entertaining when it’s not. Maybe the next snowstorm will be more entertaining. Perhaps the cafeteria will close and the National Guard will have to be called in to feed us…hmm I’m sure the women on my campus would love that.

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Friendship Ending: A Declaration

Since August I’ve been trying to save a friendship I just recently learned cannot be saved. At one point in time I considered this individual to be my sister, but obviously I was wrong. I am only human after all.

I should have recognized the signs over a year ago when I could leave a room and no one would realize I was gone until it was time for everyone to leave. One of my friends actually held an intervention with me; the other just sat back and never said a word. I use to think that the one who did confront me was speaking for both of them. I’m not so sure now. Now, I think that she really just did not care whether I was there or not.

Then when I went abroad we basically did not talk at all and that pretty much continued on through the summer. Granted, there were a few random texts here and there so I was not all that concerned. But this past semester I saw things that were the beginning of the patterns of the previous year. Only this time I actually confronted them head on. No change occurred. One of my apartment mates and I tried to be the bigger people by inviting them to things that we were doing, hosting a viewing party for a television show we all enjoy, going to a movie, or the most recent event hosting a Hanukah celebration. ( She even told everyone at dinner that she was giving them Christmas gifts the next nights, they acknowledged that they would be at dinner and did not show up. This friend does not celebrate this holiday but she wanted to do something for them) Each of these times they have turned us down flatly, most of the time without explanation. I tried to tell them that it did disappoint us and they made promises to apologize but none were received.

When my apartment mate got angry at people for saying that they were coming and didn’t (she had spent money on getting food and drinks for everyone) this friend did not try to see both sides of the coin. In fact, from what I gather she did not even want to hear it. She immediately thought that I was also another target to be angry at, even though I had warned her previously that something like this was bound to happen. When I tried to extend the final olive branch she basically said that I was being hostile and did not want to discuss it anymore. All I had tried to do was explain why my apartment mate was so angry.

It is because of this event I have had an epiphany. She does not want to be my friend anymore based on her actions. When I warned her earlier on that if things don’t change then a blow will happen, she rode it off as me being overly dramatic. Then during the semester we have not spent any time together nor know what is going on in each other lives. I know that everyone needs their space, but this friend could have been missing for days and I would not have even known it thinking that she was just hiding out in her room studying for exams.

Based on actions (since actions speak louder than words) she does not want to be my friend anymore. Granted, I would have preferred her saying so rather than suffering through a crumpling illusion. I rescind the olive branch and am now of the opinion that we are no longer friends.

Hard to believe this all involved college-age women. Sounds like middle school doesn’t it? Nevertheless, I’m cutting my losses because if she does not want to be a friend than I’m not going to waste my time and energy on it anymore. Break the chain and be free bird, fly above the clouds and look upon your kingdom. Liars are jailers holding you down, we don’t need them anymore.

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When Cell Phone Doesn’t Work for a Day

1. Try to turn it on again
2. Repeat One
3. Try to charge it
4. When it does not recognize the charger try not to panic
5. Panic slighty
6. Say fuck it
7. Go about day feeling naked without a cell (it will be like you were in elementary, middle or high school in my case all over again)
8. Return home to find that cell is charging
9. Rejoice

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Going Out Curse

So today was my mother’s birthday and my father decides that we’re going to go out to dinner today. This is something that we don’t do that often. Well Danville (or Damnedville as I refer to it) just opened up a Wild Buffalo Wings place and Mom decides that she wants to eat there today.

Okay we get there, not really busy, we’re seated immediately. Our waitress comes gets our drink orders, which baffles her a bit. She asked my mom if her sangria was a draft and she didn’t know that a vanilla cosmonaut was (its the restaurant’s way of saying its a white russian). We get our drinks and place our orders: 50 buffalo wings, a cheeseburger, sourcream and basil potatoe skins, and a grilled chicken wrap. Well the wings and burger come out. My order of the wrap does not.

We wait….wait…wait…wait a little bit more before the waitress comes back to the table to ask how everything was. I say that I’m still waiting on my dinner. “okay that’ll be right out.” So we wait…wait…wait. Dad has finished his cheeseburger while Mom, Kyle, and his buddy have finished eatting the wings. We wait and wait…and guess what wait some more. At this point I’m hungry and thinking let’s just forget about it because this is what Denny’s always does to me whenever I go there. We were told twice that it would be right out and we get the impression that the servers and waiters are avoiding our table.

Eventually my dad is fed up and goes up and demands to speak to the manager. Finally, we get the guy and dad just demands the check and states that we don’t even want my food anymore. Thank God that the manager, rather clumisly, says that the restaurant is comping our entire dinner.

It seems that every time I go out to eat with my family the place tends to forget, drop, double charge, or all of the above to my dinner. The lesson is either that I shouldn’t go out to eat with my family or eatteries just hate me. Another lesson that these places should learn from me, DON’T FORGET MY FOOD OR THEY WILL PAY.

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Internal Debate…Decisions to be Made

It has been brought to my attention this past term that my grammar is that of a middle school student and that I need to go back to it. This being said by two of my professors. If after a cooling down period I myself find this to be true then I might as well shut down my blog. Why? Well, no one should have to read such poor grammar apparently and all I’m doing is hindering myself furthur. So at this point in time I have to decide whether or not I should keep this blog active or throw it in the proverbal trash can.

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Brand New Look

So while studying for my British architecture exam I decided to give my blog a fresh new look. Why you ask? Well, I thought it was time to update it and give the header something a bit more ‘modern.’ I took the photo in the header from the Cliffs of Mohar in Ireland and thought it would work for this new update.
Also another update, I only have six days left in lovely London , England. NO! (Digs nails into the ground, feet are kicking everyone that’s trying to get me to leave.) Can you tell I’m not ready to leave just yet. It may be due to the fact that I also do not want to do exams. It’s going to be sad saying goodbye but I will need to work to replenish the money that I spent while here. Until next time.

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London Stage: Madame du Sade

It was the final performance for my London Stage class and we were going out with an all-women cast of Madame du Sade. It was to be our treat for seeing plays that mainly have male leads or male dominance. C’mon with Judi Dench and Rosamund Pike (Jane Bennett from Pride & Prejudice) as the two main leads you would expect fireworks. At times there were fireworks, most of the time not so much.

First of all the set was designed to look like a French nobility home during the French Revolution, but it was completely gray from the floors to the ceiling. I imagine this is what Dorthy’s Kansas might have been like except for less grand.

Then the dialogue…so many allegories, comparisions out the wazoo describing the Marquis du Sade’s behavior and describing him. Jeez cut it down a bit why don’t you. I get it, he’s a pervert, a royally connected pervert into BDSM. No need to carry on for five minutes in a monologue. Don’t get me wrong there were some funny bits in there that reminded me of women empowerment. But when his wife just says I will not see him any more after being told the state of ugliness he had become while in prison, just ruined all women empowerment and made it seem like she was extremely shallow. Ugh. I’m sure Dench’s and Pike’s performances could have been outstanding if it wasn’t for the writing of the play because they have prooven time and time again what brillant actresses they are. This was not one of those times unfortunately.

There was no intermission, and I can understand why. There didn’t seem to be a really good point to stop the play. It lacked a hook that could draw an audience back after an intermission.

Then there were some effects, projections on the wall. With the wall being that gray scale it was difficult to see many of the projects. Then when they are describing the red moon, voila a red moon appears. Kind of gives you an idea that the audience it ignorant as to what a red moon may look like.

Overall I wouldn’t spend 25 quid on seeing this play again, unless one is interested in seeing Dench, Pike, and the others on stage. Go for it. If this is turning you away from seeing this production, don’t let it. People should decide from themselves whether or not they will like a play or not. For all I know it was the director of the play that has caused it to get bad reviews from all the London newspapers.

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