Posted by: jodester87 | March 30, 2008

Art on a Woman’s Campus

As I have previously stated, I go to an all women’s school. We are encouraged to speak our minds and be active. Well, two students have taken that to heart for a project. They have parked a Winnebago out in front of the Visual Arts Center and want people to post their artwork and ideas in it so that everyone can see it. So I decided to make a short movie about it. Here it is.

Parked previously in that spot was a rubber sculptor that looked vaguely like a vagina and was many a joke. Unfortunately for my friends and I on this campus we were unable to take the birthing photos we so wanted to take, an empowering women thing. Why should you the reader care about this, art? Well, art allows the world to live in color and be diverse. I’m a big fan of diversity because it allows new ideas and innovation and innovation can be a good thing. The Winnebago is encouraging people to be creative and innovative. So, I’m encouraging everyone to go out and be creative you might just discover something new about yourself.


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