Posted by: jodester87 | March 30, 2008

Election Election Election…sickening

With the 2008 Presidential campaign in the news since 2006 (I’m annoyed with it already and can’t wait until mid November when it’ll all be over with) mass media is oohing and aaahing over Obama and Clinton. Why? Well Obama is the first black man to actually have a chance at being president and Clinton is the first woman who has a chance at being president. Yet, whenever their names come up on any of the news sources all I hear is how they are doing in the polls, where they were, passport being breached, where they are in the United States (they’re with Carmen San Diego duh), but I never hear about their politics. I also don’t hear much about the McCain’s politics either. But I do hear some here and there if I really look for it. It’s all character this time around for my perspective. Anyone else worried about that? If it’s a popularity contest then there goes that the ‘smart people will win in the long run’ teaching that parents want to force upon their young children. This electoral season appears to be reaffirming the high school cliques, much like the elite in France have and have had for decades.

Any idea why it’s called a season? To me season is fall, winter, spring, summer, tornado, and hunting. Can I go politician hunting then if the media continues to call it a season. There is always an election every year so in that form it could be consider a season. I guess society calls it a season so people don’t panic should they happen to hear electoral process, election election election. Yet, we continue to hear election. I’ve heard the word election used at least once a week since the last presidential election. That idea that people would start campaigning for the next following the previous election is the reason why Senator Edwards said that Michigan and Florida votes wouldn’t count because he felt that they were too early in the ‘season.’ Although being a Republican I like the chaos it has created in the Democratic party. (Insert Evil Laugh). Now it’s all to the caucus…fun fun fun.

So overall: media give people a break when it comes to elections otherwise we all may get sick of it, and maybe find another word other than season and election, they’re becoming redundant.


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