Posted by: jodester87 | April 2, 2008


So Hillary is like Rocky in that she’s not a quitter. The whole phrase of being not a quitter likens itself to Richard Nixon’s “I’m not a crook” quote. Now I have to wonder if she’s going to stand on the steps of some famous building with “Getting Stronger” playing in the background while she yells BILL or CHELSEA. Perhaps both names. I feel the need to remind Hillary that Rocky lost to Apollo Creed in that first movie. Granted, for some people the movie is inspirational but the fact that he lost she wouldn’t want to liken herself to that.

Now, Obama says that Hillary can run as long as she wants to. Idiot! Why? Well because while he and Hillary are fighting it out for the Democratic nomination McCain can sit back a bit and gather all the skeletons in both competitors closets without doing much work because those two are doing the work for him. The Republican party is uniting and if the Democrats want to win they need to unite soon under one person and not split it like they are now.  And plus, those of us who are Republicans are laughing at the fact that the Democrats, which should be the stronger of the two parties this election year, are still fighting over the nomination. While when the Republicans started out it looked like it was going to be Giuliani from day one till election day. But alas they have had their upsets and have settled with McCain. Democrats get your act together and choose one already, because I have a feeling that a good portion of America is already sick of the election.


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