Posted by: jodester87 | April 6, 2008

Newsmaker- Women taken from Polygamist Group

US history briefly describes the rise of the Church of Latter Day Saints and what people tend to recall most about them is that at one point in time they use to be polygamist. Well, when the decree went out that it would no longer be legal people broke off. The most famous of those is Colorado City. Occaisonally, news shows like 60 Minutes will cover a bit about it. About a year ago the leader of this group, Warren Jeffs, was arrested and is waiting trial. Now, the compound in west Texas has had close to 50 women taken into custody based on a follow up to a 16 year old’s abuse. The more I hear about these people the more disgusted I become with them. One man, a ton of wives who tend to remain pregnant for most of their lives (completely unhealthy), and more children than I care to imagine is just irksome. Why? The main fact that it appears that half of their population has next to no rights and from the stories that come from the people who have defected from the religious group.  Rapes and beatings of girls. Girls getting married in their teens to men who are old enough to be their fathers and then should their husband happen to die they are married off again. Even in the Islamic tradition women have to have a 9 month mourning period before they can even be remarried, why because it allows a mourning process and it proves if the woman was pregnant by her dead husband and does not question the parenthood should the woman remarry and have a child.

Why won’t the government do anything about these groups? One word, Waco. Government officials are afraid of having another Waco disaster, which was one of the main reasons for the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995. Plus, it is the fact that these are American citizens and should the government move in on them, the officials would have to worry about how the media could/can twist any outcome. Especially if someone should happen to die during the process. So this taking of the women is a major stepping stone for the government because they are taking an action against this group. The plus side of this is that so far the media has yet to twist it, the down side is that there is still a way for the media to twist it if they were allowed inside these vast compounds, which forbid outside media, which I will not go into because that would just set me off on another rant.


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