Posted by: jodester87 | April 8, 2008

Oliver Stone and W

Anyone who knows of Oliver Stone knows that everytime he makes a movie there’s an underlying message about it. If I recall correctly, Stone doesn’t care too much for the current president. I can only guess how this movie is going to play out. I saw is World Trade movie, wasn’t that impressed because well he hired Nicolas Cage and not many people care for his ‘acting’ abilities.

To top that off, there’s talk of C. Rice throwing her name in for McCain’s running mate. I like the woman, she has this no-nonsense attitude which I respect. If I was working for McCain I could say the downside is that she’s known as tough and worked under George W. Bush for the past eight years. The plus side, she has international policy experience, she’s dealt with Congress, she’s a woman and could pull in some female voters, and she African American which can hopefully pull in some, and she’s much younger than McCain which is good because there will always be a possibility of him dying while in office should he be elected.


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