Posted by: jodester87 | November 6, 2008

Four for Four

I’m feeling quiet proud of myself today. Granted the person I would have like to have won the presidential election did not win. However, I have called the last four presidential election winners. I remember in the second grade calling that Bill Clinton was going to win against Republican Bob Dole. At the time I’ll admit I knew squat about politics but I did understand that he was popular. Then the fiasco of the Bush v. Gore election of 2000 I said was going to be Bush. Although I did live in Texas at the time so I could have been extremely biased and a tad sheltered because I didn’t have to deal with a ton of political campaigning there. Then Bush versus Kerry. I so called that and I lived in a highly pro Kerry state at the time. Then this election I saw many things in Obama that people would have seen in Kennedy. Please people don’t start idolizing Obama because I linked him with Kennedy. I’m happy that we have our first African American heritage president but we as Americans need to look at what he does, will do, and did for America and not just his charisma and his likeability. I hope that people can put aside all that and look at the policies and those effects to determine if he will be a good president or not. I fear that many people have voted for him because of his heritage and his charisma but didn’t pay attention to his policies. He never once stated to who the middle class citizens were, and if I’m wrong please correct because Inever heard him give a defintion of the middle class. The reason I want a defintion is because the middle class is different for everyone.


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