Posted by: jodester87 | November 8, 2008

Conforming to get Ahead?

So I’m coming to the belief that those who conform to a certain group can get ahead while those that work their asses off don’t. I go to an all women’s college in Roanoke and the people who seem to get the most out of their time here seem to be the ones that conform to the image that the school wishes to present.

Evidence One – Looking at the school’s website (which I will not name so I don’t end up paying for it next year while I’m here) those that are pictured prominently are those that have similar style clothing, expressions, and beliefs.

Evidence Two – Those that work their asses off to get an internship do not get them event though they are equally qualified. Taking a look at those that have received the most prominence from their internships are those that follow the make up of the previous group. Those that vary are listed way down the line and have no pictures.

Evidence Three – I’m always having trouble with Financial Aid office and business office and the rest of the school communicating with each other when it comes to my file. The girls that seem to have no problem are those that conform to the school’s idea of the perfect girl, someone who isn’t a cookie cutter pearl girl but not way out there.

Evidence Four – It seems that the girls that are the conformist are the ones that always get to go first in housing selection. I mean ALWAYS and it’s suppose to be random drawing for our lottery numbers but I’m always at the end of the group while these girls are not.

Evidence Five – The girls that have work study and pay attention to their school work, such as myself, seem to be punished by not being included or notified of events and clubs do not take us into account so it is the conformist that get into all the clubs and end up looking better to the school.

This is my rant and if you think it’s petty well deal with it because if you witness what I see you would believe me too.


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