Posted by: jodester87 | January 17, 2009

January in DC Thus Far

So I’m spending this January in DC working for a non-profit as a temporary fellow. I’m really liking it there for numerous reason. Firstly, it is a great place to work because I get to hear about interesting facts such as what college age students look for when they consideral federal service as their job when they graduate. I do a bunch of menial work but I figure that since I’m there for such a short period of time that I am the best person for the job, which is fine by me. Every Monday, fresh bagels are put out for us to eat and Fridays around 3 p.m. is snack time, which is great because it can save me from having to make dinner those nights. The building I’m in is roughly six blocks away from the White House, which is cool but I’ve seen the city go from yay Obama will be the new President soon to a complete Obama-ified city. Everywhere you look there is something relating to the man. I get that it is a historic moment but calm down people, he is after all just a man.

January 12 a couple of alum from my college got a bunch of the interns in the area together for happy hour at a Spanish restuarant in Chinatown called Las Tascas. That place had so many different types of sangrias that I didn’t know where possible. Luckily I’m missing a certain enzyme so I can’t have wine of any sorts that I didn’t have to choose. I ended up eating this heavenly dessert, ice cream and a chocolate of some sort. Completely drool worthy. I actually had a good time out that night, even though it was a Monday. It was nice to relax with people who were doing the same thing I was, living and working in DC for quiet literally nothing.

I’m still unsure if I am going to head into the city for the inauguration, I probably will. Take a couple of pictures of the Jumbotron and some with me in it and leave before the Metro gets awful following the parade.

13 days until I head to London. I can’t wait because I’m so ready to explore the country and go pubbing. Not to mention I’ll get to see my ‘niece’ for the first time and hang out with friends of the family who haven’t seen me since my awkward teenage years. I’ll also be taking a weekend trip to Rome, where my mother has asked me to pick up a rosary for her, which I will do. Growing up Catholic they tell us that everyone should make a pilgramage to the city-country. Yes, it is its own country, it is the smallest in the world and technically the richest too. One has to take into consideration they own land on practically every continent, donations, and priceless artifacts. Hopefully I can remember to take the time to actually post my adventures on the blog. If not be patient eventually something will come up.

Stay tuned for my next post, which will be when I have something to say or write about.



  1. You already know you’ll get to visit Rome? That’s awesome! Will it be a weekend trip or what?

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