Posted by: jodester87 | January 20, 2009

Car Bumming aka Sisterly Love

Ever been kicked out of a house? Well tonight I have been for the first time in my life. My sister and I got into a fight, where I said that I didn’t want to get into a fight. Eventually I lost my cool and ended up screaming at the top of my lungs and was told to get out of her house. My first reaction is to get into my car and drive to a friend’s place several hours away. Alas I could not do such a thing because her car was directly behind mine and I’m not childish enough to ram into her car or go through her yard to get out. I sat in my cold car talking to friends to keep me from going completely and totally crazy as I thought I would have to spend the rest of my January in that car (another week).

Of course as I’m talking to my friends my mom is trying to reach me on my cell phone and she ended up leaving a voicemail message that has basically said that I needed to grow up and act like a grateful guest in my sister’s house. Okay for the time I’ve been in her house I’ve been poked at about my guy friends (she hates them), my feelings towards one because she doesn’t believe I was truly hurt by what one did, my clothing, my school, my weight, the food I eat, how I don’t know much about sports (which prevented me from watching the Sooners vs Florida championship game), my hair, and how I’ve bitten my tongue on retorts (which I did to avoid fights).

And want to know what set off this fight….I had to think about whether or not I wanted to lend her a new book of mine, which I have only read once. She’s pissed because I need to think about it. The first time I loaned her a book with the promise she would mail it back as soon as she was done I ended up have to rebuy myself that book because it had been a year and no return. Then the next time I didn’t see the book again until I stayed with her for spring break where she tried to tell me that it was hers and not mine. Then at Thanksgiving I yield and tell her she can take them but she couldn’t take the one video game I own. She then goes behind my back and tells our mother to mail it to her and that I wouldn’t notice. WRONG. This all stems from times she use to sneak into my room as a teenager and swipe the few decent clothes I had (which wasn’t a lot) or my movies (she still has my Legally Blonde DVD but I’m not gonna fight over it at this point) or even whatever she thought she needed. Then whenever I would confront her about it at that point my mother would go ‘why can’t you two get along.’

Well tonight it was ‘I know sisters fight but you two are beyond the normal sisterly fighting.’ Well duh was the first clue how she beat me up between third and fourth grade while the parents worked. Or the fact that she would kick me out of the room we shared as kids because she wanted it to herself and I played too loud (hello I was a kid and she wasn’t much older than me at that point.)

Now I’m wondering whether or not she’ll get back from her work and kick me out again only this time not letting back in for the night. She swears I have not said thank you to her at one point this entire month I have said thank you. Apparently I need to say it on my hands and knees while giving her riches. I have paid for a lunch of hers as a thank you for the time I’m here. I have put money on her Metro card which she loaned me for a day until I could get my own. I have said thank you each time she has picked me up at the Metro station. Yet, she claims I have not. Well I had planned on writing her a thank you card at the end of my time here but now who knows.

Gotta love sisterly love.


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