Posted by: jodester87 | January 20, 2009

My Inaugural Day Viewing.

6am wake up

7 am arrive at the yellow line Metro station

During the time on the train people were sardines in a can, and the stations weren’t much better. Eventually L’Enfant station had to be closed due to a large number of people in the station. The group I’m traveling with gets off at Chinatown and we walk several blocks, past the White House and all that gloriousness to get to the National Mall. We get to this small pond parallell to the reflection pool, and people are standing on the iced over pond. All I can think is…someone is gonna fall in. No one did.

Eventually the group made its way to the World War Two Memorial, and if anyone hasn’t seen it they really should. We find a spot where we can see the Jumbotrons and hear them because well no tickets no good seats. Eventually an entire city population filled into that strip of land.

There was a wonderful string song that was composed especially for the event and as I watched the seagulls fly around near the Washington Monument all I could think of was…(and it’s cheesy) it’s as if they are dancing to the song cool.

Then when VIPs started to come out the crowd erupted in waves of cheers for Obama’s people and jeers for anything relating to Bush. Even Laura and my reaction to that was…it’s Laura what has she done to you? She’s a kind lady who doesn’t deserve that from us.

The minute that Obama was sworn in mini American flags danced overhead, hands went up as if praying to God, individuals’ whistles blended together, shouts of joy tossled from one end of DC to the other, and the occaisonal O-bam-A chants were done. Eventually the crowd settled enough for Obama to give his speech (which in my opinion was well written but he could have stopped at several points and had it still be just as powerful a speech).

People started filing out of the crowd, weaving as best they could to get to a bus, a metro, a street, a meeting place. Streets that had been blocked off became overlarge sidewalks that MPs and police tried to prevent as best they could. Sidewalk salesmen hollered at the departing crowds and people gathered around making it even more difficult to stay on the sidewalk. At last we made it to the blue line Metro.

Leaving the inauguration wasn’t as bad as coming in. People had elbow room, granted all seats had been taken. When I reached Alexandria to switch from blue to yellow lines I noticed the police carrying what I believe were semi-automatic weapons. This was different because all the military people (and there were a ton) and police officers I saw inside of DC none of them were openly carrying any weapons. But I shrugged it off, got on my train, eventually my bus and made it back to where I am staying.


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