Posted by: jodester87 | February 6, 2009

London Called and I Came

Hey everyone, I have arrived in London and my second day in the city it got a record snow fall, as I’m sure the world is aware of. Any way, not much has happened. I met my host family who has been hosting girls for 14 years. The area of London they are in is called Crouch End.

The school where I’m going is within walking distance of the British Museum, which I’ve already been to and my shoulders can vouch since I spent those hours lugging around my backpack. The group saw the Rosetta Stone, Ginger (a dried up burried person from Eygpt) along with a few other highlights of the place.

Anyway they’ve kept us pretty busy here.  Wen. they had us in several little meetings with a few hours to ourselves. During those hours my friend Carter and I went on the London Eye. It’s expensive, costing fifteen pound, fifty pence for a nonfast track ride. But the views were amazing and well worth the money. Highly recommend going on a weekday because the lines are shorter. After that we went back to the Museum to take our time on things we wanted to. Saw the Oriental wing along with the Egypt and Roman wings. Finally 7 pm came around and we had the party where we were to meet our professors. Food, yes free, thank you, my thoughts. Then at 8:30 we had a cab tour of London. Where the cab driver made us get out into the cold of the night and listen to him at a few stops. We did enjoy it but it would have been better in the day, many of us were wanting to fall asleep in the cab, and less cold. Eventually the night ended and he dropped us off where each of us were staying.

Thursday Feb. 5, 2009 was a trip to Windsor Castle. The weather itself was not so great, cold with freezing rain. Saw much of the castle where I learned that you are not allowed to take pictures inside the castle. I also got to see George’s Chapel. The sights there were amazing. I stood where King Henry the Eighth was laid to rest, yes the man that killed several of his wives. The Castle is huge and you don’t even get to see all of it, understably. It’s beautiful but I personally would hate to live there because I would think some of the designs were moving. Queen Mary’s Dollhouse is a definate see because the detail on that thing is beyond description.  Many of us didn’t stay in Windsor too long, it does have nice shopping too, because we were all still tired from the day before and still had to go see a play that night. So we left and had an evening of relaxing before seeing the play Shunkin, which is performed entirely in Japanese and tells the story of a servant in love with a blind beauty who is a bit sadistical. It tells the story of their lives together and at times it was like Oh My God someone slap her or him.

Then today it was another cold and wet day, figures. So Joyce and I just saw the outside of the Tower of London, Baker St (Sherlock Holmes), and Platform 9 3/4. I’m just trying to get the tacky tourist stuff over with so I can enjoy my time and maybe go see other places in England while I”m here.



  1. I sense that wicked Jodi humor–“tacky tourist stuff.” Just be aware that many of us can only dream of doing that “stuff.” Appreciate every minute of it. I’m so glad that you and Joyce have each other there. Do you see much of her? Miss you here. Take care. Mrs. E

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