Posted by: jodester87 | February 17, 2009

Day Trippin’ — Brighton

Sunday 15 Feb 2009

The first day trip of the semester and it was to lovely Brighton, England.

I went with my friend Carter and we started late in the day because everyone told us that the train to Brighton would take one hour not two. So when we got there we couldn’t do a lot because we needed to get back to London in time for dinner with the host families.

Upon arriving in Brighton we walked down one street (not knowing where it would take us but hoping the beach). Luckily it did take us to the beach where we saw the famous Brighton Pier, which reminded me of those theme park piers out in California. So we walked on the pier and took in the rides but didn’t ride them because it cost. Afterward we walked along the beach. It’s not really sandy but more rocky and shell filled. It is where I took a shell and a rock from the beach as souvenirs.

We were both actually kind of glad we didn’t stay as long as we did because by the time we were done walking the beach we were both getting rather cold. So we boarded the train and went back to London.

Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach


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