Posted by: jodester87 | February 20, 2009

Field Trip BBC Television Studios

19 Feb 2009

9:45 am I met up with my British Communications class outside the White City Tube station. Incidently enough is the closest station to Europe’s largest shopping mall that was opened right before the Financial Fiasco. Anyway the five of us walked the short, and I mean short, distance to the BBC.

10 am we started the tour. They did this double team tour guide thing so you never got completely bored with one guide. Of course before we started the tour they said that there was to be no photography of any kind while on the tour unless stated otherwise, hence the reason why there are no pictures. They also said that we were going to go through an airportesque security. You know the emptying of pockets and bags into a machine. Luckily there was no taking off of shoes.

One of the things we could take a picture of was of a Police Call Box unfortunately people it is not the Dr. Who Tartus thingamajig, not this one is from a soap opera called EastEnders. So we went on the tour saw raw footage of BBC News and a couple of studios. They also explained what a green screen was and why they use green and blue (so skin doesn’t disappear with blushing).

Towards the end of the tour they did this ‘who wants to be on tv’ thing. They had two people go into the control room, one to be an anchor and three to be contestants. Well the group was very reluctant to volunteer and one of the guides pushed the wrong button and said ‘no one going to represent America?’ That did it, I volunteered and felt the need to prove myself. We watched a child show clip and answered questions as if it were the Weakest Link. In the end I won with four points and my prize was a BBC Breakfast mug and a pen. Everyone else just got a pen.

The end of the tour was the going to the gift shop where I saw a Doctor Who story on cd that was signed by David Tennent (sp?). My first reaction was that would make a great gift if only it would work back in the States because the UK is a different region code than the US so things like DVDs and CDs won’t work between the two countries. I know darn it.

Afterward it was time to go back to Tavistock Square because I had two more classes that day. Fun fact if there is a class that it 3 to 6 pm you break for tea and biscuits (cookies) and sometimes the program director will give us little cakes too. I feel so glutton at those times.


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