Posted by: jodester87 | March 7, 2009

Imperial War Museum

Another escaped of London

5 March 2009

My Contemporary Britain class visited the Imperial War Museum, which was set up following World War One so people could know what happened during those turbulent times. What’s odd about this museum is that it is currently located in what was once an insane asylum. Outside the entrance is a piece of the Berlin Wall that says Change Your Life in a large painting of a mouth. Don’t ask me why in a mouth because I was not the artist, although maybe someone thought it would change their life to be a dentist.

Anyway the museum focuses on the two world wars mainly but has other exhibitions covering other conflicts. In the World One exhibit there is a trench experience thing where you walk through a makeshift trench to get an understanding of what it was like for those men. Personally, I couldn’t wait to get out.

As I made my way out of the conflict following 1945 I came across the terrorism wall. Looking down I saw the Munich situation, something involving an embassy, but the one that got me was seeing the Oklahoma City bombing. That is an event dear to me because I lived in OKC when it happened and a member of the church that I went to died in that horrible act.

The first exhibit I saw when we got there was children in warfare focusing on World War 2. I learned a few new things about what it was like for children during that time. Such as when children were being evacuated from London a few even went to the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. I had never heard of that before. But most of it was things I had already heard before, thank you Lord of the Flies.

The last exhibit I saw in the museum was one dedicated to the Holocaust. Now a lot of people know of the event and the treacherous things that happened to fellow human beings. As I was reading  about how Jews were made to wear the Star of David on their clothing my friend Charlotte came up behind me and grabbed my shoulders. Well I turned around with every intention of hitting whoever grabbed me, but thankfully she didn’t grab too hard and I recognized her. We made our way through the testimonies of survivors and documents of the events. Some of the documents about the events turned my stomach, especially how they got rid of the bodies and searched them for valuables. I was rather grateful to leave it, which I know sounds awful but these plain hard facts I couldn’t believe something wasn’t done sooner and how humans could let this happen.

Following the museum our class made its way to a pub called the Three Stags where two of the five of us had alcoholic drinks and two had cokes. We discussed what we saw to the best of our abilities because the place was getting rather loud since people were getting off work. Finally class ended and we all made our way back to our places of residency.


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