Posted by: jodester87 | March 11, 2009

Greenwich Visit…

Tuesday 10 March 2009

First and foremost, for those that don’t know Greenwich is pronounced Grin-itch not Green Witch. The reason for my visit to see Classic architecture with particular impact of Indigo Jones on English architecture for my (you guessed it) architecture class.

We all met at Tower Hill station, which I’m starting to think is jinxed because no one gets there on time whenever we meet there. Anyway we were going to take the DLR railway to Greenwich, and this rail is driverless and above ground. Unfortunately earlier there was a minor derailment so we couldn’t take the train directly to Greenwich. So we had to get off of it where is had a transfer to the Jubilee line that we took for one stop then a bus to get to Greenwich. All of this the teacher had no clue would work out or not.

Well we made it to Greenwich so we could take a look at the Queen’s House. Queen’s House was built over the old Dover road that basically took people from Dover (ie the rest of Europe) to London. Greenwich was one a palace where King Henry the 8th was born, turned into a hospital for pensioned sailors, and now it is a university. Anyway from the Queen’s House you can see a marvelous view of the Royal Obeservatory and once was an outdoor theater. You can also see the Thames from it.

After looking around the squares of the university we got on a river cutter boat that took us along the Thames from Greenwich to Embankment. This boat had amazing views of the old docks that were heavily bombed in WW2 to Tower Bridge (where I got some decent photos), Tower of London, Millienum Bridge, the start of the Great London Fire, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and I’m sure there were even more futher up the river.

The tide of the river was rather fast that day that even the tour boats seemed to be having trouble with it. This boat, true to its name, cut right through it,  but when it approached the dock it appeared that a good wind could knock it over. I hope to never witness that. Then inside the boat there’s a coffee and snack bar, which some of the girls took advantage of because the day was rather chilly.

Getting off at Embankment left me with this: I want to go further please, but I knew I couldn’t. You get off and you are almost under a bridge with Jubilee in its name and right beyond that is the London Eye. Then to put things into perspective for you, about a twenty minute walk down the road one would run into Big Ben.

The class then departed for the evening, now all of us are stressed about our slide test in a week. So please pray that we all do really well. Next blog will hopefully be my visit to Manchester.


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