Posted by: jodester87 | March 16, 2009

The Extended English Family Visit

Friday March 13, 2009

I traveled the two hours by the Virgin train from London Euston station to Warrington Bank Quay to visit my British ‘big brother’ Tim and his family. For those of you who don’t know, Tim isn’t biologically related to me but I do consider him to be my big brother.

After he picked me up at the station we went back to his place, he works from home in a way, where I got to meet his daughter (for the sake of her and Tim I’ll call her M for this post) for the first time. He told me that she was really excited to meet me but when she did she was shy, which I was expecting. But she quickly warmed up to me after I gave her a rag doll. She’s very articulate for her age.

Throughout my visit with them M would ask what’s my name and refer to me as lady. Her mother and Tim found this rather amusing because they claim that she never forgets people’s names. We finally figured it out that she got confused whenever I said my name so I took to not answering for her.

Anyway on Friday we didn’t do much, which is fine by me because I was content to just see them again after so many years.  For dinner we had Indian food, which was really good after they recommended me something good to eat.

Saturday March 14, 2009

Not much happened, watched Italian Job with Tim before Tracy and M woke up. Then when M was awake Tracy went to pick up her mother so that we could go to Liverpool that day.

After several hours we did take a 30 minute train ride from where they lived to Liverpool Lime Street. Yes people I know Liverpool home of the Beatles. But it’s also the home of the Zutons, Atomic Kitten, and several other artist.

Tracy and I found a really kid friendly museum called World Museum or something like that. It had an aquarium, bugs, dinosaurs, stuff on ancient cultures, and the like. Tracy enjoyed going out because it’s not often that she can go out with other people since she watches M all day.  It was also good for her to know of places to take M in a city other than Manchester. (Fun fact we went to Liverpool the day that Liverpool played and beat Manchester United but we didn’t hear a lot about it as we traveled around.) In the museum there was a manequin dressed in a Liverpool jersey and the manequin had a prominent nose so I immediately thought of “Big Nose” Shaw and took a picture. When that gets out I will pay for it from him, probably teasing of some sort.

After having lunch at Nandos we made our way down to the Albert Docks, where we saw a formula one race car, surprising I know. But the docks were extremely windy and cold so we ducked into the Martime Museum to warm up. While in the museum a really ginger kid in a blue track suit came up and started talking, and I leaned in to Tracy and asked if that was English. It was proper Scouse, meaning thick Liverpool accent. Afterwards we just walked around and bought M a sweet (lollipop). Saw the outside of the Beatles Museum, but didn’t go in because neither of us are Beatles fans and it’s expensive.

From there we made our way back to her place, where she, Tim, Beryl (Tracy’s mom), M, and I went out to eat. While out Tim mocked the fact that I didn’t want to drink that night, calling me a light weight. It’s what Tim does with me, teases me relentlessly at times.

Sunday March 15, 2009

My final day visiting them. M was the first one up that morning, which surprised everyone because she had a late night the night before. Late that morning Tracy, Beryl, and I took M to the park where she was a little daredevil. She was climbing everything and at one point she slipped and we all thought she was going to fall but she, like a monkey, hung onto a bar for dear life until Tracy could put her on the ground.

We then took her to another playground where she swung on swings, went on a seesaw, a slide, and basically had a marvelous time. I did get pictures of this but I’m not posting them out of respect for Tim.

By the time we got back it was M’s nap time and time for me to leave for London.

I know this wasn’t the most exciting post but for me there’s a lot I’m not including that I need to tell people in person. I didn’t go to the north for adventure I went to see people that I haven’t seen since I was sixteen and eighteen and they’re family.


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