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The Parisian Students Visit London

Friday March 20, 2009

So this weekend a couple of friends of mine, Laura and Caroline, cross the English Channel and visited my friend Joyce and I for the weekend. Well on Friday we all hooked up for lunch and it being such a beautiful day we ate outside on the grass of Russell Square. Sitting I could see college age student tossing a rugby ball around and mothers with their infants. After a nice lunch, bought at Tescos, we took them to the British Museum. Here I am coming to the conclusion that no matter when you go there will always be the school children running about trying to fill in any worksheet they have.

So we showed them several highlights of the museum. You know the Rosetta Stone, Ginger, Egyptian stuff, and whatever. Afterward we made our way to Westminister. Here Laura commented on how over the top Parliament is architecturally decorated. Yeah it kind of is. Well she was hoping that we could see the cemetery of Westminister, but we couldn’t and this led us on a walking adventure along the Thames. Instead of turning around and heading back the way we came we just kept walking westward. We ended up near the Chelsea College of Arts and taking the Pimlico Tube Station back towards the school.

Before going back to where my school is located we got some coffee because caffiene was definately needed. Anyway we worked on the computers before checking out the Student Union’s pub called the Duck and Dive. It wasn’t Joyce’s scene so we headed to another one that we knew of. It was crowded to say the least. We eventually ended up at a pub called The London Pub, not original I know. We each ordered something different to drink, and then we all went back to where we were staying for the night.

21 March 2009

Ah the day the Tubes were messed up.

Well Laura and Caroline wanted to see the changing of the guards and the nearest Tube station, Green Park, was closed that day so I tell them meet me as Westminister at 10. Why 10 when the show starts around 11:15, well so you can get a good view. Eventually 10:30 comes and goes and I don’t see any signs of them (Tubes were crazy with parts of the lines closed and some lines closed for the day). Well not long afterwards that I see them and we make our way through St. James’s Park to St. James’s Palace. We got a couple of photos with the guards and then saw the changing. Here’s a helpful hint people DO NOT go out into the street when they’re marching forward, the police really don’t like it and it irritates other people trying to get photos. This goes double for the mounted ceremonial guards, which we saw as well at 11:35.

Mounted Guard

Mounted Guard

Once Joyce joined us we made our way to the Tower of London where Laura took more photos and saw Tower Bridge, which is often mistaken for London Bridge. We then took them to Platform 9 3/4 for the Hogwarts Express. Following that we went to Baker Street got a late lunch and ate in Regent’s Park because it was another beautiful day.

With some time left over we wandered around Regents for a bit. There we saw some strange ducks that almost sounded like they were a guy making a noise akin to thinking a woman’s hot without whistling. Then there were dogs and a ton of football (for Americans soccer) being played and all I could think of was ‘let’s go and see if these guys will talk to us. If Sarah were here we’d all leave with dates.’  The flowers were sprinkling the place with colors of blue-purple, red, yellow, orange, and so many others.

Then of course my new home has a pond side view of the park, now I just gotta find the guy that’ll buy it for me. It’s white and built in a neo-Classical design from the early 2000s. It’s very very pretty.

Pretty Renaissance style house

Pretty Renaissance style house

But alas all good things must come to end. After touring Regent’s we parted because Laura and Caroline were going to see Les Mis that night and early the next morning they were flying back to Paris. Next weekend I will be in Oxford, hopes are high.


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