Posted by: jodester87 | March 24, 2009

London Stage: A Missed Celebrity

23 March 2009

Well my London stage class went to go see Kafka’s Monkey at the Young Vic, who’s artistic director is Kevin Spacey. It is a one actor play and it was performed by Kathryn Hunter. It was an amazingly powerful play about an ape that turns himself into a man. What was great about it is that besides the powerful monologue it had audience participation.

But Joyce and I got to the theatre early because we had to pick our tickets up at the box office. Well the director of our program couldn’t make it so the teacher sold the spare ticket and with that money she sent Joyce and I to go buy chocolates for the group. Apparently as soon as we left David Tennant walked into the theatre to see King Lear. Yes David Tennat, Doctor Who, Barty Crouch Junior, Hamlet (and because he played Hamlet on the stage last year this year Jude Law is nervous about his portrayal of it). It was going to be my bragging right of London that I got to see someone famous. Would I have tried for his autograph…no because he is there to enjoy the theatre and not be pestered.  So the chocolate turned out to be bittersweet for me and when I tried to joke about it with the girls I think they took me to be a bitch. But it’s David Tennent. I guess I’ll have to satisfy myself with have seeing Juliet Stevenson perform and will be seeing Dame Judi Dench perform in Madame de Sade. (Yes I know it sounds a tad selfish but those two would be performing and me paying to see them…David Tennent no normal person and not paying to see.)


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