Posted by: jodester87 | April 19, 2009

Easter Break: Edinburgh Day One

15 April 2009

6:30 am. I have another half an hour of sleep and I couldn’t. So, I got up and got going on the next leg of my Easter Break. Since the train was going to put Joyce and me in Edinburgh I picked up a lunch before heading to Kings Cross Station. Made it there and hour before departure, Joyce had beat me.

We hoped to sit next to each other but we weren’t so lucky. I wondered if the same countryside I was viewing was what JK Rowling saw when she came up with the idea of the Hogwarts Express. It’s so green even with a fog hanging over several parts of the journey. Almost imagine a Catherine’s ‘Heathcliffe’ moment only not as desperate or dreary and that’s what I saw. We passed several lakes where the fishermen were out, a few tents for campers rested near the pond’s edges. At one point on the ride I looked out the window and saw streaking of yellow and green, some farm. It was a change.

1:36 pm we arrived in Edinburgh. I was finally in Scotland. Since Joyce booked the hotel I followed her to the bed and breakfast. We walked down Princes Street for a long time, and at one point because of road work. There was a heavy mist over the city and gradually worsened throughout the rest of the day. As we continued to walk down the street there was no sign of Canning. i was a tad worried we had gone in the wrong direction. Finally we see it. We turn off of it onto a side brick road street. My first reaction was “Where has Joyce booked us?’ and ‘I’m gonna hate walking down this at night.’

We met the owner, who had to leave shortly after we arrived for Australia. After getting the low down on the rules Joyce and I headed to the Royal Mile for some shopping. It took a while before Joyce found her tartan scarf. Then it took me even longer to find the perfect Celtic knot necklace. I still needed to find something on the Campbell clan, heritage my man.

With the weather getting worse we headed to find food. We ended up eatting at Au Bar. Really nice. It had Brothurs Strawberry cidar and Magners. It was also an early night because the next day we had to get up early for our highland tour.


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