Posted by: jodester87 | April 19, 2009

Easter Break: Paris Day Four

13 April 2009

It was our last full day in Paris so we wanted to make is memorable. We got up early, ate our breakfast, then headed to the Eiffle Tower. Now some of you may be thinking that we circled around this thing a lot. Well we kind of did. But we stood in the already gathering lines to go up the tower. Lines opened at 9:30 am and with minds trying to fight off the chill in the air from a morning fod, we bought our tickets (3.50 euro) to climb to the first story. Yes, that’s right. Joyce and I climbed to the first storey of the Eiffle Tower. It was a little over 300 steps but so worth it.

A mist has settled over the city during ht enight so it was not worth it to climb to the upper levels. Do not grab the hand railing even if your instincts tells you that you should. You end up getting paint and rust on your palm and it just overall feels gross. At this level we could see this amazing undescribable view of the city. They also have indicators of some of the big icons of the city so Joyce and I did a ‘Where’s Waldo’ moment and tried to find the sites on each of the pictures. We were fairly successful. It was at the top of the tower that I filled up my memory card for the first time.

At the time the icon was getting a paint job and the boutique was being renovated. Also if you go on a chilly day the 3 euro hot choclate is the cheapest in the vicinity. This is for future reference.

Once we had recovered a bit we descended the steps. It actually took longer because there are more people trying to come up than go down. I did notice that the lines were longer then when we had to go up. (Not every line is the stairs so double check before getting in one).

We then made our way to the Pompidou Centre. Joyce got her shot of caffiene and we drank it in from of this industrial like building that hosts modern art. Outside of it is this amazing escalator that goes up, flattens out, goes up, until it reaches almos the top. It is kind of odd seeing something so modern surrounded by 18th century buildings.

It wasn’t too far to get to the fountains that I had wanted to see for such a long time. The lips that are a fountain, the ones we had searched for the day before have finally been found. The place is called Place Igor Stravinsky. It was really cool to see those modern fountains set up against St. Merry’s church, which is a gothic revival church. Unfortunately those famous lips weren’t working properly. But we had fun taking photos of Bonehead, Mermaid, Bowler Hat, Heart, Snake, and Birds. This area also has the cheaper scarfs just for future reference.

Place Igor Stravinsky

Place Igor Stravinsky

I had yet to get me anything, as ordered by my mother, so Joyce and I headed to rue de Rivioli because one of my guide books recommended it to us. After going through several stores we found some shoes for sale at place called Viviane Chaussures. I have finally found a pair of shoes that fit (as well as they can in Europe) and for only 10 euro. However, I still wanted a scarf and the one I really liked was near Louvre. We continued to walked down the street until we eventually hit the stand and I bought myself a Parisian scarf for 5 euro.

We ate lunch behind the Louvre and heard these beautiful church bells ringing for no apparent reason

It was after that when Joyce and I made our way back to our hostel (after being whistled out very loudly (hint not all that flattering when close by)) Yes we had time to explore more of the city but I had developed a blister on my foot and it was getting very painful to walk. We rested a while before buying our dinner at nearby grocery store on rue Dareau. Unfortunately I didn’t not eat well that night and I knew that I would regret it. I did…must eat healthier in the future.

I’m sure had our abroad proram director been with us, we would have seen much more of the city. As it is I was extremely pleased with what we saw because it was our choice and time. I’m also sure we woudln’t have seen some of the other sights as well, such as going up the Tower, which was something that everyone should try to do.


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