Posted by: jodester87 | April 19, 2009

Easter Break: Paris Day Three

12 April 2009

I woke up to the sound of rain pattering on the window. Then I heard the church bells ringing, it was Easter Sunday. Again Joyce and I ate at the hostel before beginning our adventures. We started out by seeing the Musee D’Orsay, which was celebrating 50 years. you really can tell that it use to be a train station. We then walked over the Seine and bought some postcards near the Louvre. These two galleries are across the river from each other. Walking across the bridges you can get some awe inspiring sights, the Eiffle Tower, at times Notre Dame, and a ton of other beautiful buildings. We got some ideas on what I could get as a souvenir, scarf and/or a new purse.

We then headed to Montmarte, which hosts the Moulin Rouge. Just so you know it is quiet expensive to get int, we did not. Why would I? After taking our photos we grabbed some chocolate filled crepes nearby. Even thought I was careful I still made a mess. Chocolate covered parts of my jeans and my black jacket. Then when I commented on how Joyce didn’t she said ‘because I’m careful.’ Not to think ill of her but some times that tone is rather patronizing and can come off as very rude to some people, because I was careful but unlucky. Again we looked in some more souvenir shops. tHis area can get  pricey so be careful. View this section of the city I realize that there are views from the movie Moulin Rouge that one cannot get.

It was then time for us to head back to the Arc, where we got some daylight photos of hte monument. But we made the long trek down the Champs Eylsee. I really wanted a photo of a pretty sign that said that. We eventually found it and had to be careful getting it because it faces one of the busiest streets in Paris and it is close to the curb. We continued to walk down the street and stopped in this park that looked like it had swings, you had to pay to use them. This park also had a theatre. It was here that I was like let’s try to find the place that has the water sprouting out of lips. We thought we had found it with the Museum of Modern Art. I mapped out the toute we needed to take.

Well getting out at the stop we needed to for the museum was no problem, as was finding the street. The problem was the outside of the museum. The fun fountains weren’t there. Okay so we thought it might be in the courtyard. Yuk no! The courtyard smelled of stale beer, piss, and vomit. There were beer cans and bottles discarded into corners. A few statues that were there were covered in graffiti. The only people enjoying the area were skateboarders. That’s not how a museum should be in my opinion.

Running across the street we crossed the Seine, yet again and walked towards the Bir-Hakeim metro station. Along the way we saw the Tower yet again and two carosels. One on one side of the river and the other on the other side. In less than 24 hours I would be climbing the stairs to the first level of the Tower. (Won’t my feet hurt then) We then got back on the number 6 line to our hostel to recover from the day and the one before.

 Joyce was in desperate need of a nap before we went out in search of food. It was during that nap that I realized just how much sun I have gotten while I’ve been here. Joyce got chilly during, which made me close the window and still I felt my face being very flushed. i was half tempted to take a shower while she slept but I didn’t want to disturb her.

It may seem like I did not do a lot but Joyce and I did venture into shops everywhere we went. Plus our feet were killing us and Joyce was really tired. We actually have seem quiet a bit for a short period of time. And there was also the next day.

After her namp we walked down the street to a small grocers and bought our dinner. This meal consisted of butter crackers, apples, and a can drink. Now I know it may not sound like a lot but it was rather filing. We started out by eating out in the courtyard at the hostel but without our jackets it got a bit cold so we moved into the bar. There we talked for a while, well the entirety of dinner lasted two hours. The bar eventually opened up and several groups had bottles of pink wine. Almost has me wishing that I could drink wine.

While looking through one of my guide books later on I read about the history of Paris. There are a couple of names that are similar to my family name: Childeric (there were three), Childbert (there were two), and Chilperic (there were two). Maybe in some weird way I’m related to thse people. Granted they were rulers of Paris ranging from 566 to 751 AD. It is further proof that I am Goddess (my friends should get the reference).


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