Posted by: jodester87 | April 19, 2009

Easter Break – Paris Day Two

11 April 2009

We had breakfast at the hostel, free coupons gotta love them. While there we discovered that young group travelers do no understand the concept of a queue. After our petit-dejuener we headed out to meet Sarah at Notre Dame. When trying to get back to the Metro I kind of got us a tad lost (I did look at a map just wrongly). So when we reached Notre Dame Sarah said ‘There you guys are. I’ve been looking for you frantically for 15 minutes.” She says this because usually I am early to meetings. So we get in a line to enter the cathedral, which goes rather quickly. When you’re entering the church a guy tells you no flash photography, but people have it going anyway. (You can pay to up into the bell tower and get a closer view of the gargoyles, we didn’t). At any minute we (well at least I) expected to see Quasimoto or Esmerelda from the Hunchback of Notre Dame to come out. That didn’t happen.

Aftewards, Sarah, Joyce, and I walked along the Seine towards the Louvre. I was expecting it to be wider like the Mississippi or the THames, I only saw it at one point like that. So the Louvre is HUGE! We were at the back end of it near the Pont Neuf Metro stop and didn’t even know it. We then walked into the Cour Carree, where there’s a water fountain in the middle. Then there was this amazing view of shadows and the glass Pyramid. There’s the famous entrance with fountains and water pools. We even got some cute photos of us with the pyramid. There was a quick looked around for the Rose line, we weren’t successful before joining the line to enter the museum. After paying the 9 euros to get in we made our way to the Denon wing. Our goal, tosee several Da Vinci’s and some Etruscan and Roman Antiquities along the way. We saw the Winged Vicotry of Samothrace, the Mona Lisa (which was crowded enough to make a person claustraphobic), and Madonna on the Rocks. From there we made our way to the Sully Wing (the back of the palace) and saw the coronation crow of Louis XV (or Napoleon’s not entirely sure anymore) and some Greek pottery. The last big stop on our tour was the Code of Hammurabi in the Richelieu wing. This is the first set of written laws peopleand I saw it! We then walked to the inverted pyramid that was also mentioned in the Da Vinci Code.

Louvre and Sarah

Louvre and Sarah

We got out into some wonderful sunlight at the Entrance Galiere du Carrousel and bought some pain aux chocolat for lunch. We then basked in the sunlight int he Tuileries Gardens eatting our baguets. Absolutely lovely.

It was after this that we made our way tot he Statue of Liberty. Now I know what you are thinking, we went to New York? NO. there is a smaller sister statue in Paris that faces New York. So we walked towards the Concorde, which has an obelisk in it. On our way there we saw this guy biking that looked like David Boreanez with less gell in his hair and a beard. Anyhoo we got out at Bir Hakeim metro stop and walked along the Seine again. On this walk there were a ton of amazing shots of the Eiffle Tower. We did get to the statue then walked back towards Eiffle.

With feet angrily protesting the walk we saw the Bir-Hakeim monument, which again offered another lovely view of the tower. The monument is about a French battle in Africa by the way. Sara got her photo of her with a yellow flower at this point. We then went in search of an ATM. I never realized how many there are in London until Paris. After getting cash we sat down in the Parc du Champs de Mars which is overlooked by Eifle.

We rested our feet for a good long while before finding dinner. (While sitting we saw this guy with the devil in his eyes trying to grab a flying rat with wings). We found a reasonably priced place call Oh Mie Ma. Sat and rested some more beofre searching for a beret for Joyce. We were eventually successful at a souvenir shop that had one that didn’t have Paris written on it. We then bought some ice crean at the bottom of the Tower, found a place to sit that was sheltered by the rain and waiting for the lights to come one.

Eventually they did and it was goregous. once we got our photos there we got on the number 6 line to go to the Arc de Triomph. As we were pulling out of the station we saw that it was all sparkly. Another beautiful view.

Glittering Eiffle

Glittering Eiffle

At the Arc, which was more difficult to get photos of (not as brightly lit), we saw the Champs Elysee, the Tower, several other streets, and the tomb of the unknown soldier. The tomb had a fire burning at it, very ceremonial I thought. Then my camera went ont he blink. It wouldn’t turn on and had a red flashing light. Panic! Since ther ewasn’t much I could do about it I put in m y purse and would deal with it later. Back at the Metro station Joyce and I said our goodbyes to Sarah who was leaving the next day. Together Joyce and I made our way back to our hostel and got off our feet, much to their pleasure.

As we were falling asleep church bells chimed. Nice way to lull off.


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