Posted by: jodester87 | May 14, 2009

Going Out Curse

So today was my mother’s birthday and my father decides that we’re going to go out to dinner today. This is something that we don’t do that often. Well Danville (or Damnedville as I refer to it) just opened up a Wild Buffalo Wings place and Mom decides that she wants to eat there today.

Okay we get there, not really busy, we’re seated immediately. Our waitress comes gets our drink orders, which baffles her a bit. She asked my mom if her sangria was a draft and she didn’t know that a vanilla cosmonaut was (its the restaurant’s way of saying its a white russian). We get our drinks and place our orders: 50 buffalo wings, a cheeseburger, sourcream and basil potatoe skins, and a grilled chicken wrap. Well the wings and burger come out. My order of the wrap does not.

We wait….wait…wait…wait a little bit more before the waitress comes back to the table to ask how everything was. I say that I’m still waiting on my dinner. “okay that’ll be right out.” So we wait…wait…wait. Dad has finished his cheeseburger while Mom, Kyle, and his buddy have finished eatting the wings. We wait and wait…and guess what wait some more. At this point I’m hungry and thinking let’s just forget about it because this is what Denny’s always does to me whenever I go there. We were told twice that it would be right out and we get the impression that the servers and waiters are avoiding our table.

Eventually my dad is fed up and goes up and demands to speak to the manager. Finally, we get the guy and dad just demands the check and states that we don’t even want my food anymore. Thank God that the manager, rather clumisly, says that the restaurant is comping our entire dinner.

It seems that every time I go out to eat with my family the place tends to forget, drop, double charge, or all of the above to my dinner. The lesson is either that I shouldn’t go out to eat with my family or eatteries just hate me. Another lesson that these places should learn from me, DON’T FORGET MY FOOD OR THEY WILL PAY.


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