Posted by: jodester87 | April 13, 2010

Fair Weather Friends

Is high school ever over? Classes, yes. People, no. You can still find the same attitudes and behaviors in college and beyond. I have officially be ostracized from people I thought were friends. How wrong I was. This all started because I was tired of being left out of group activities and conversation. I have not felt welcomed by a couple of people for two years now. Well things blew up at the end of 2009. So I decided to not talk to the people who were causing this ostracism and I did not want to involve those that were not affected. Well my wishes were not to be had and the other two girls went and told everyone else that I was in the wrong and that my reaction (which wasn’t even mine but someone I was sitting with) was completely out of line.

Being tired of people telling me that I cannot change the subject, my opinions were wrong, and overall just being told to shut up, I decided to sit elsewhere. I would smile at people in passing and say hi, they would not have noticed had I not said anything. Now they won’t even acknowledge me in passing. The few times I got Joyce L to sit with me from time to time she would shoot the other girls the “I’d rather be sitting over there with them” look. Joyce L tonight met my eyes then looked away. When I attempted to smile she gave me a cold unfeeling look and kept walking right past me. I wasn’t even going to ask you to sit with me because the looks are enough to tell me you rather not sit down.

Sounds like we’re a bunch of high schoolers doesn’t it? Well we are all upper undergraduate students. I sit somewhere else because I did not want the tension at the table to upset the others. I did this and have realized that even if I sit somewhere else they will not talk to me briefly face-to-face nor through any electronic device. I am not a puppy that people can abuse and will keep coming back. So may these fair weathered friends one day realize that they lost a person who could have been a good friend because of what others may have said about me. (And they didn’t even have the courage to ask me my side of the story)


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